Hadoop training online established with a vision to cater with quality IT and ITES solutions. It is a leading training & amp; development organization offering state-of- the-art placement oriented courses. Each project is done through an arduous design process including the given specifications. Quality Solutions are provided to global organizations address the challenges of their business. We specialize in the most advanced technologies in Software training and development. Our training helps the students build the right skill levels to support various IT projects for the complete product line of solutions.

Hadoop training online IT training dwells on the exclusive Online-training which propels organizations towards success in learning when individuals or organizations face tremendous pressures to get success and sustain the project needs. The online courses offered by Tutor Nexus are designed with the help the individuals who are located globally & would like to have the online software training from remotely. Our online software training instructors are real-life working professionals with expertise in their respective language and software. They teach online courses to students, engineers or individuals become more competent & can be deploying their knowledge in the projects that they’ve been assigned.

Our online software training and teaching method are based on the decades of research to communicate on the best online training methods. It consists of tutorials, webinars, assignments, reading materials and the tests after every module, networking with the attendees and group discussions. Hadoop training online online software training is open to working professionals, students, engineers who want to upgrade their knowledge. The only requirement is that the attendee must have a strong desire to learn & willing to work genuine and do all the assignments.

We are a Team of 14 Real Time Certified Consultants with 12 Years of Experience in IT Industry.


  • Advantages of online training offered by Hadoop training online:
  • Flexibility of connecting & attending online training from your location worldwide from anywhere.
  • Programmes to match your schedules for the advancement of individual skills.
  • Get experience with Real-time scenarios as well as live practices.
  • Get prepare with the latest technologies & tools.
  • Our modules are designed in accordance with technology standards.
  • We cater you with advanced and well-researched training content.
  • Our training sessions are quite interactive, encourage and practical discussions.
  •  Courses run by very knowledgeable facilitators.
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